Cocoa roasting

tostatura cacao

Roasting cacao is one of the most important step for the craft chocolate maker. Big cacao industry roasts with high temperature to remove all the problems of poor cocoa beans, cutting off all the worst flavors and to make the chocolate palatable. After that, they add sugar, vanilla, aromas and that’s all. People will choose … Read more

Sustainable chocolate: a sign of ethical growth

Only a year ago, I started creating these sticks for a client who wanted chocolate in their pain au chocolat. Today, the production of these mini bars is steady and growing month by month. As demand increases, so does the attention to ethical and sustainable raw materials. It’s a great signal for me. There’s a … Read more

When chocolate becomes gourmet

For me and my family, it’s always an honor to be mentioned by the “greats” of chocolate. Especially if we are involved in a tasting. Do you want to know the phases of a chocolate tasting? Watch the video! Discover LIM Chocolate tasting boxes Discover the true taste of gourmet chocolate with our tasting boxes.

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