Sustainable chocolate: a sign of ethical growth

Only a year ago, I started creating these sticks for a client who wanted chocolate in their pain au chocolat. Today, the production of these mini bars is steady and growing month by month.

As demand increases, so does the attention to ethical and sustainable raw materials. It’s a great signal for me.

There’s a positive wave of new professionals who are paving the way for the future. We talk about human sustainability, sharing, and values.

Economics is and will always be the only reason for existence for many, but perhaps not for everyone. Awareness is a cornerstone for our future.

Choosing consciously to aspire to be pioneers and examples – for oneself and for others – with a new entrepreneurial model is one of the ways we have to give meaning to our days, practicing kindness, transparency, and loyalty.

The road is long and not easy, but seeing more and more people decide to walk together confirms the importance of the goal.

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