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Chuno Nibs


Our journey to Nicaragua, for a fruity and sweet cocoa, with aromatic notes of dried fruit and olives.

150g packet


Chuno bean

Very aromatic and acidic bean by nature, for this reason the roasting is more aggressive (higher temperature for longer time) and also the refining is longer, so that the aromatic profile develops while allowing the acidity generated by the bean during fermentation to evaporate, which would damage the final product. The result is a citrusy and slightly spicy profile, full-bodied but not too much, tending towards sweetness.


Roasting: strong and prolonged

Refining: stone, long duration

Tempering: by hand

Maturation: 12-15°C, in the darkness

Nutritional Information

Roasted cocoa bean nibs.

Ingredients: roasted cocoa nibs.

Energy 2317kJ/553kcal | Fat 51g | of which saturates 26g | Carbohydrates 13g | of which sugars 0.2g | Protein 13g | Salt 0.02g.


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