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Our journey to Peru, for a cocoa rich in tropical scents, fruit of passion and panela, with a citrusy and floral finish.

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Gran Nativo Blanco bean

Fine aroma cocoa, elegant and refined, which presents a high percentage of white beans, extremely valuable and rare. Hidden for over a century, this gem was rediscovered in 2008 on the small cocoa fields of San Juan de Bigotes, in Piura, in northern Peru. The small cocoa farmers of the region identified the best cocoa trees and reintroduced this ancient cocoa variety. Today, the Gran Nativo Blanco is the most awarded cocoa in Peru and is recognized for its delicate flavors, aromas and fragrances. This cocoa is sun-dried, fermented for 5-6 days on wood covered with banana leaves.

This chocolate has won several awards!


Roasting: delicate, medium duration

Refining: stone, medium-long duration

Tempering: by hand
Maturation: 12-15°C, in the darkness

Nutritional Information

Dark chocolate.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter. Cocoa min. 70%. May contain traces of nuts, cereals containing gluten.

Energy 2173kj/518kcal | Fat 37g | of which saturated 19g | Carbs 38g | of which sugars 31g | Protein 9g | Salt 0.02


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