My name is Federico and, thanks to the help of my wife Francesca and our little ones Ludovica and Matilde, I go to the laboratory every day to create a sincere, clean, ethical, unique chocolate.

Our mission is to practice daily exercise, in our laboratory as well as in our life, of respect, sincerity, and patience.

In a world that frantically seeks to standardize everything, with our chocolate, we want to rediscover the value of simplicity and time, demonstrating that quality raw materials, patiently and respectfully processed, give each of us a complexity of flavors and aromas.

Immerse yourself in a unique sensory journey

Upon request, we organize lab visits for individuals or small groups, where you will have the opportunity to see how chocolate is made, thanks to a guided tour through the various stages, from the selection of the bean to the packaging of the finished bar.

cocoa + cane sugar = the art of chocolate

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“Love chocolate to the core, without complexes or false shame because, remember: without a pinch of madness there is no judicious man”

– François de La Rochefoucault –

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