When chocolate becomes gourmet

For me and my family, it’s always an honor to be mentioned by the “greats” of chocolate. Especially if we are involved in a tasting.

Do you want to know the phases of a chocolate tasting?

  • Chocolate tasting begins with the observation of the external appearance, which should be smooth, shiny, and free of aesthetic and structural imperfections.
  • The next phase of chocolate tasting is the aroma, which should be intense and inviting, rich in characteristic notes of the origin of the cocoa (e.g. fruity, floral, woody, etc.)
  • During chocolate tasting, you should notice the creamy consistency and balance between the sweetness and the aroma of the cocoa.
  • The texture doesn’t necessarily have to be too fine or rough: the important thing is that it is homogeneous throughout the bar.
  • Finally, chocolate tasting should end with an evaluation of the aromatic persistence, typical in high-quality chocolates, which can last up to 20 minutes.

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