That’s who I am

My name is Federico, I am Francesca’s husband and Ludovica and Matilde’s father.

I’m a pharmacist and, after a quick experience behind the counter, I realized that it wasn’t my life.

I started my career in big companies and I made my growth path first in marketing, then commercial, working both in big and in smaller companies, always in the healthy food sector.

Thanks to this ten-year experience I have been able to internalize more and more how many of our daily problems are the result of a non-conscious diet which compromise our body and our lives more and more every day, combined with exhausting life rhythms and high stress.

Furthermore, every day I felt more and more the need to create a healthy, light, happy workplace. Over the years I have learned that one way to achieve these goals is to remove all the not necessary, to return to the essentials.

Finally, after nights spent studying and daydreaming, I created LIM: my artisan chocolate lab in Fossano (in the region of Cuneo) where, every day, I try to return to the true nature of things, through a sincere, clean, unique chocolate.

Because we are grown in years of abundance, excesses and growth often without a long-term vision.

Now, I feel the need to slow down, savor, rediscover the flavors.

Slowly, steadily, one bar at a time.

“In chocolate there are shades of black, veiled mysteries of taste, abysses of pleasure.”

– Fabrizio Caramagna –

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